Established solutions for renewables natural gas and alternative fuels

TerraVest offers only commercially proven gas processing technologies and systems to ensure project success

Biogas upgrading to produce high-quality renewable natural gas

Remove impurities from raw biogas to produce RNG for pipeline injection or fuel for compressed natural gas vehicles. Technologies offered:

    • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) – Adsorbing media attracts or adsorbs impurities under high pressure
    • Membranes – Polymeric membranes separate impurities
    • Water Wash – Highly pressurized water scrubs and absorbs impurities
    • Amine – Scrubbing solvent adsorbs impurities that are later desorbed through heating

Gas recovery systems for alternative fuels

Maximize production opportunities for low-carbon fuels to reduce waste and costs. Solutions we offer include:

    • Nitrogen – Present as an impurity in natural gas, nitrogen can be recovered for other uses
    • Hydrogen – Recover and purify from hydrogen-rich streams for onsite re-use or in hydrogen fuel cells
    • Syngas – Convert carbon rich waste to renewable power for onsite use