About TerraVest Renewables

We have been providing fabrication & gas processing expertise to the energy industry since 1942 through our parent company Terravest Industries

We offer clean energy solutions to produce RNG from organic waste and alternative fuels from gas recovery projects to support the global shift to a low-carbon future.

A subsidiary of TerraVest Industries, we leverage the expansive, vertically integrated manufacturing and transportation infrastructure of our parent company to produce and supply robust and operator friendly equipment meeting all project requirements.


Specialists in renewable fuels and gases

Our team of engineers and technical specialists can provide single point of accountability for your project, from conception to implementation.

From assessing requirements, packaging systems to plant installation and start-up, we offer end-to-end integrated services to deliver reliable and robust gas facilities.

Our manufacturing and service facilities

An industry leader in the manufacturing of gas processing equipment and storage vessels, we have been recognized for our excellence to produce quality equipment that adheres to our own internal quality controls and to the latest industry codes and standards.

Together with our 2500+ employees, 29+ manufacturing and service locations across North America, our goal is to fabricate equipment to meet project specifications and schedules at industry-leading costs.